Internet passwords

Let's talk about that good old boogeyman of internet security: Passwords. No reason, I just want to talk about it.

Why passwords suck

Let's be honest. Passwords suck. Let's go over why:

The band-aid: Password managers

Password managers are a band-aid over the problem. They permit you to create long and secure passwords and you only have to remember your master password to get access to all your passwords.

That said, this essentially turns your password manager into your single point of failure. Once an attacker hijacks your manager, they control your entire system. Not good.

The possible solution: 2FA

2FA is probably one of the few solutions that will prove to be viable in the long run, although to realize it's full potential, it needs to see more use in Desktop tools and be longer than just 6 numbers.

The demon: Apple

Apple sucks. No really, they do. Even with passwords. For whatever stupid reason, sites can instruct Safari to refuse the usage of the Keychain app, and many sites do, thereby obstructing the viability of the Keychain app as an automated password manager.

Screw apple.

Nothing too curious this time, I just wanted to vent a little.