Meet, the comment system that powers this blog!

Heya, short announcement here, but I now have a comment system on this blog that I can actually read! So if you were following me, you can now also leave a comment and it won't disappear in the Fediverse inbox like normal comments do.

To that end, let's talk specifically about my choice for this:

Why not Disqus

It sucks. Really bad. Disqus if anything is an example on what I don't want from a comment section.

It actively promotes cruft/cluttering talk, the identation on conversations is more tiring than it's useful, it's an absolutely abomination to use on mobile and it's sign in feature is extremely wonky.

So no, I set out with this on the specific goal that I didn't want to use Disqus.

Instead, I'm using

What is is a comment tool that maps items on a GitHub issue tracker to a blogpost. This is for my use, nothing short of amazing.

Let me explain why:

So yeah, it really fits my usecase well. I have it set to map on the og:title, so issue titles should map seamlessly to the dumb titles I give these posts.

Give it a go down below if you're brave enough to put up with my unfunny jokes!