Toby Fox: The man who put a shitpost in an AAA game

Annoying dog/Toby Fox

So... Pokemon Sword and Shield is out. It's proving to be divisive, with fans pissed at Game Freak for cutting out the National Dex. This post isn't about that though. Instead, let's talk about it's music. Specifically, let's talk about how Toby Fox is a fucking masterful shitposter.

Toby Fox is a music composer and indie game developer that is mainly known for his work on Undertale, a charming game reminiscent of the JRPG Earthbound in it's style with bullet hell elements. Currently he's working on what appears to be a spiritual successor called Deltarune, which managed to grab the internet.

That said, this isn't his only work or even the thing that put him on the map. No, what put Toby on the map was his work on the Homestuck discography, for which he has provided around 70% of all tracks.

He also composed a track for Pokemon Sword and Shield, which is the subject of this little post.

Preamble: How Toby Fox got into contact with Nintendo

But before we talk about that, I should probably explain how Toby Fox managed to get into a collaboration with Nintendo to begin with. At it's simplest, whilst Toby was on a trip to Japan, he happened to run into Sakurai (from Kirby and Super Smash Bros.), who invited him over to his house to play video games, notably Smash Brothers.

The result of these events caused what appears to have been a friendship between the two, causing Toby to remix Megalovania for the fourth time and having Sakurai put Sans in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Later, Toby was also invited to compose music for Little Town Hero, a game which didn't do so well, but it establishes that a connection with Toby and Nintendo has been formed.

And now... Pokemon Sword and Shield has a tune composed by Toby Fox in it.

The thing is though... the track is a reference to a shitpost Toby Fox made 9 years ago. How? Well, uh... let's talk about that.

Homestuck and MSPA forums

Most people have heard in some form of the webcomic slash internet phenomenon Homestuck. Whether you've read it or not, most people are at least to some extent aware of the... rabidness of some of it's more notorious fans.

Whilst I won't go into detail on the comic itself, the fanbase for Homestuck is... unique. People love to ship characters together (shipping being the act of putting two fictional characters into a relationship), and Homestuck is probably the ur-example of this being taken to it's extreme, with every character being paired up with another character in whatever way you could imagine.

The comics author, Andrew Hussie has mostly encouraged this and takes great delight in making fun of his rabid fanbase. Except... in one element.

You see, before Viz Media bought Homestuck and hosted the comic on, the comic was hosted on Hussies personal site, known as mspaintadventures. Attached to this site was a forum that was intended to discuss the comic.

Because the Homestuck fanbase can best be described as “every horrible and good thing from every single other fanbase out there blended into one” (which is only contributed to by the fact that the comic makes extreme use of pop culture, both obscure and not-obscure), the administrators of these forums inevitably ended up dealing with the worst elements, notably shippers who would pair up underage characters.

In an attempt to curb this, they added a rule to the forums, prohibiting the posting of art involving “pregnant kids”. The rule of course proved to be completely ineffective at stopping the rabid fans and was mocked all around.

And then Toby Fox took a go at it. Taking the forum rule to it's most bizarre form, he created an album called The Baby Is You which very clearly was intended to make light of the rule in question.

It's... its a treat. To explain for those who haven't read the comic: The album is about the character Dave, who is pregnant (note: Dave is male) with his best friend John (who is the protagonist of the webcomic and is also male). It's by all accounts something closely resembling a protest album and the songs very clearly take shots at the ineffectiveness of the rule and is great if you like absurdist humor.

The ensuing result is that Toby Fox got temporarily banned from MSPA forums, the album itself was taken down (but as you can see by the link, it's been spread online anyway) and I'm not 100% on this last part but I think the rule has been reversed.

Now why did I ramble on about an (admittedly very funny) incident that happened in 2010 that most people wouldn't know about. Well... the thing is, that protest album made it's way into Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The Baby is You

Specifically, I'm talking about the track “A Baby Legend – The Baby is 2”, which is the final track on the album. It's essentially a sarcastic recap which then ends in a kinda catchy beat.

And guess what beat made it into Sword and Shield. Yes. That one. Below I've embedded a video about it which compares the two tracks.

And... this is hilarious. Toby Fox, you've done it. Congratulations, you win the internet. I tip my hat off to you, I bloody damn salute you.