Well, well, that really didn't take long. Only 5 days!

With this release, I bring you an Existing Content logger. This completely new script aims to permit you to grab all existing data from a Guild, a Channel or a DM so that everything is properly preloaded.

There are also numerous tiny fixes to templates and a role overview on the user details page. To be able to properly use that if you're coming from 1.0, you'll need to use the existing logger to grab the entire guild.

The other big change is that all templates are now using url_for() if they are referring to other endpoints. This is in preparation of the next release (which should only take a day or so after this one), where I'll be implementing the Frozen-Flask library, which will allow you to statically deploy your archives.

Details on that will come later, but for now, enjoy this changelog!

You can grab the latest release from the git repo!